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Hi ! I wish you could help me. First I am a french user, so excuse me for my bad english. Well, I install Emofuri since 2 days. There are no problems about the installation. So I open the unique file of the program. BUT when I try to open a new file the that don't work. I try to ctrl+O or open a psd file : the program don't want to open it. (no pop-up, I just try to click and there is no effect.) I didn't change my location because I don't know to read japanese.


I’m not sure what the problem is, I’m sorry! If anybody knows a solution please share, thank you!

It’s probably because your locale is not set to Japan? Change it back and see if it makes any difference.

Today’s challenge was….. glasses. @__@

Houkito doesn’t wear glasses but I needed a model! Animations are still wonky but I got it to work. Sort of. I’d like to work on facial expressions and making fullbody rigs in the future.

Forcing myself to work on different characters besides my own next time. -deep breaths-

More practice—this time with the thigh-up template + arms + custom animations. YIKES. I did my best to make the gifs loop! I’m pretty happy with the results.



7. Creating your animation

Open up a new timeline. Please follow my cursor to find the timeline.


8. Decide how long you want a frame to be. Drag the red slider to the amount of time you want one frame to be extended.

Next, you are to import your frame into the timeline simply by clicking…

ohhh my god. Are there any tutorials on the arm option in Emofuri because I’m completely lost.

Hi pidie, sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could make a emofuri tutorial ; U ; if it wouldn't be too much trouble.


SCREAM I don’t know if I have anything to add to the existing tutorials out there so since these seemed to work for me personally, here’s some links to useful tutorials!!

Intro + download link for emofuri


Idk if anyone knows how to really make their own animations on Emofuri. I had played around with it tonight, so I will show how to create original animation easily.

1. Import your PSD

2. Open menus on side (pink, blue, and red)image

3. Understand how to create animation

CTRL+left click+drag


This is going to basically be a rehash of info that’s available in the manual, but hopefully this helps those who can’t translate the site. Most images are pulled directly from the oc creation manual, over here, which includes a very handy glossary of layers at the bottom….


More practice with Emofuri! This time with Isabelle. ; u;

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